In couples therapy, I like to cooperate with my colleagues Rica Rechberg, my joint practice partner, or Gabriele v. Hardenberg. We have found that the additional perspectives lead to more varied solutions. Furthermore, a setting with two therapists allows giving both parties equal attention, and lastly, it can be helpful for one of the therapists to take on an observer’s viewpoint, in order to better reflect the proceedings. It is our job to listen carefully, and to help you determine what is and what isn’t possible for you at a given time. We will create an atmosphere of trust, so you will feel safe to talk about your

  • own needs
  • recurring topics of conflict
  • expectations
  • disappointments

as well as to listen to your spouse without a fight erupting immediately. Whether you will eventually feel you can commit to each other once again, and whether you think it will be worth doing something about it, is for yourself to decide. Our part is to help you work on your issues and address and moderate conflicts – in order to find solutions that give your relationship another chance.