Psychotherapy – the procedure

When you first get in touch me, we will make an appointment for a so-called initial interview, which usually takes 60 minutes. It will allow us to get acquainted, to find out whether we will get along, and, of course, to discuss the problem that brought you here. At the end of the appointment, I will give you my professional opinion on whether psychotherapy will be helpful for you.

The initial interview is followed up by max. four probationary sessions. These will help us to get to know each other better, and to decide whether we can work together. During this period, we will learn more about the problem at hand. We will have a closer look at your life history. Finally, we will draw up a therapy plan. I will help you define your therapy goals and objectives. Both statutory and private health insurances, as well as health benefit institutions guarantee coverage of a total of 5 “probationary sessions” without great bureaucratic ado.

In the course of the probationary sessions, I will ask you to see a physician, in order to determine whether your ailment may be caused by a physical condition that requires additional somatic treatment. At the end of the probationary sessions, I will file an application for psychotherapy with your health insurance or health benefit institution, which must be approved by your insurance’s expert counselor.

The duration of therapy is always dependent on the individual problem:

Short term therapy: up to 24 session

Long term therapy: up to max. 80 sessions

Therapy sessions take 50 minutes.

It goes without saying that everything we talk about is strictly confidential.