Humanistic-systematic approach

„Through the Though a person becomes I“. Martin Buber

The basis for my work is a deep respect for the uniqueness, dignity and spiritual wealth of every single individual. My purpose as a psychotherapist is to build up a respectful rapport with my clients. In the course of the ensuing dialog, we will find the deeper need beneath the problem or symptom that brought you to psychotherapy. In my personal experience, recurring painful events will be repeated again and again, until they are perceived in an empathic way. A loving perception of your own needs will not only lead to being friends with yourself, but it will significantly enhance your skills in dealing with others. It is my firm belief that good psychotherapy can help you to realize your strengths and abilities (again) – even if you are currently very unhappy with yourself, or in great distress. In my work, I see you as an entity of body, mind and soul, and I will support you in your efforts to find your potential. This is my personal outlook, which I find largely reflected in the discipline of humanistic psychology. At the same time, I favor a resource-oriented, cross-generational perspective – maybe because I grew up in a large, traditional family. I see you as an individual born into an existing construct, in which a variety of forces work, supporting ones as well as burdening ones. In consequence, my second theoretical and therapeutic foothold is the systemic family therapy.