Couples therapy

„My love becomes a gift only if I do not demand it to be returne Arnold Retzer

There is no other relationship, and indeed nothing quite like our romantic relationships, for experiencing our uniqueness and unmistakableness as human individuals. It is for that reason that love is the most significant motive for humankind. Love relationships, on the other hand, are constantly in danger. They can be ended any time, or they may wither. Therefore, couples’ relationships are quite susceptible to crises. Without the love element, couples’ relationships sooner or later become bleak and empty, and the question whether or not to stay together arises.

“Does it make any sense for us to be together anymore? Why exactly are we still a couple?” A few examples for difficulties in a relationship for which couples therapy may be helpful:

  • If love gets neglected for jobs, daily routine, sickness or stress, and there does not seem to be any more room for closeness, tenderness and attention for each other
  • Everyday petty conflicts, reaching from breadcrumbs left on the dinner table to spontaneous purchase of a car without discussing it before
  • You can not see your way to (re-)building physical closeness or a sexual relationship, nor can you resolve conflicts without external help
  • Your children, or differences of opinion concerning their upbringing, constantly trigger fights
  • Your children have moved out, and you wonder about the purpose of life, you feel bored or lonely
  • There are recurrent topics in your conflicts, without any perspective of resolving them over a longer period of time
  • Anger, tears, feeling hurt, or a having bad conscience after the fights
  • Imbalances
  • Hardly any physical tenderness
  • After becoming parents you find it impossible to be a couple
  • Being unfaithful, relationships on the side
  • Difficulties with the in-laws
  • Bicultural difficulties
  • Missing communication with your partner, i.e. spending less than 10 minutes per day in conversation on personal issues
  • Feelings like trust and feeling safe with each other have dissolved
  • Things that you used to enjoy are no fun anymore